Vibration and Condition Monitoring Services

Primac has a proven, documented track record of meeting client needs, exceeding expectations and delivering visible results. We can assist with or guide all aspects of developing or improving a condition monitoring and/or vibration analysis program.

Here’s how primac can help:

  • Full Service, on-site contract condition monitoring & vibration analysis
  • Complete turn-key condition monitoring and vibration analysis programs
  • Supplementation, assistance with and improvement of existing condition monitoring and vibration analysis programs
  • Databases, routes, schedules and program setup
  • Hardware and software
  • Training (CMVA certification, hardware and software training)
  • Assistance (on-site or remotely) at any point in the program
  • Audit current predictive maintenance activities
  • Determine machinery criticalities
  • Decide upon the most effective monitoring techniques
  • Define reporting requirements, format, and level of detail
  • Record baseline data and make initial recommendations
  • Collect regularly scheduled data and report any anomalies, changes or concerns
  • Assist site personnel with troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Regular review of program effectiveness and assessment of KPI’s

Other Services

Vibration Analysis

At Primac, our depth of knowledge and years of experience combined with advanced test equipment allow us to take on any vibration related machinery issues you may be encountering. This includes resonance testing, critical speed related faults, ongoing noise issues and critical machinery diagnosis.

Vibration Analysis is the foundation upon which our machinery condition evaluations are established. Therein lies the ability to quantify, identify, and track the mechanical condition of the various machine components in an accurate, repeatable way.

Condition Monitoring

Monitoring machinery conditions with vibration analysis, oil analysis, thermography and process monitoring on a periodic basis enables assessment of the current condition of the machines. The assessment can identify developing faults prior to becoming an immediate concern. When a fault is determined, these faults can be analyzed and assessed for criticality, then monitored closely until it can be repaired at the appropriate time with the least impact on operation, safety, or downtime. Coincidently, to our clients satisfaction, the cost of condition monitoring can often be absorbed/justified by the first detection of faults on critical machinery.

Motion Amplification

Motion amplification enables you to quickly and easily see and analyze what is invisible to the naked eye by turning millions of pixels in today’s modern cameras into millions of individual data points that can be monitored, read and analyzed.

Using video camera technology to detect subtle motions, in conjunction with state of the art software that amplifies the motion we can extract meaningful data by measuring deflection, displacement, movement and vibration that would otherwise not visible to the human eye.

Machinery Troubleshooting

Primac is a trusted resource across Western Canada for reliable and accurate rotating machinery troubleshooting. Primac offers a team comprised of long-term committed staff members who are experts in maintenance and reliability. Equipped with some of the most advanced tools and software applications available today, Primac has a proven track record of troubleshooting machinery problems quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Multi-Channel Monitoring

Utilizing our multi-channel data acquisition system, Primac assists clients with real-time vibration monitoring of critical machinery as we collect vibration data from multiple points on a single machine simultaneously. Our team uses this tool regularly in simple to complex applications, be it to monitor multiple machine points on a start-up over a few hours, or to monitor equipment in the field over days/weeks as we look to troubleshoot and resolve transient machine events.


Ultrasound inspection is unique as both an integrating technology and as an effective tool that can speed up the inspection and analysis process . Ultrasonic testing is performed by listening to the sound characteristics of a component and noting any changes that can provide a warning flag for pending problems and failures. Testing is instantaneous and accurate. A high-quality instrument, like the SDT unit, allows the user to differentiate and isolate the source or cause of a problem that might not yet be detectable with other technologies and provides time for corrective action before damage or downtime occurs.

Modal / ODS Analysis


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Primac can perform both ODS (Operating Deflection Shape Analysis) and Modal Analysis for client rotating machinery working with leading-edge software programs and seasoned reliability staff members. Primac utilizes these tools when troubleshooting and diagnosing machine conditions, and clients appreciate and gain value from the real-time visual representation of how their machinery is responding to internal and external forces.

Torsional Analysis

Primac is equipped and experienced in Field Torsional Vibration Analysis and torque measurement. This may be required as part of acceptance testing, to verify theoretical modeling of drive systems or to resolve lateral vibration or reliability problems.


Primac consultants have the experience to help resolve on-site balancing requests. This comes from years of experience and the incorporation of the latest technology allowing us the ability to balance machinery accurately and efficiently.

Field Dynamic Balancing

Primac consultants have expertise balancing rotating equipment in the customer’s environment. By not having to remove the unbalanced component from the machine, a company can save labor tear-down time and money, allowing your machine to be back in service quickly. This type of balancing can be completed within their own bearings, at the actual operating conditions: speed, load, temperature etc.

Shop Hard and Soft Bearing IRD Balancing

Sometimes in-place balancing is impractical because weight corrections cannot be made. It can be very expensive to send parts to outside specialists to be balanced… often, the savings on one balancing job alone can justify the expense for a balancing machine.

On-site Balancing Training Courses

Primac consultants also provide on-site training for a clients’ employees on balancing equipment.

Natural Frequency Testing

Primac staff have years of experience working with clients conducting natural frequency testing. All machines, structures and piping have a natural frequency that can become excited by an external force, causing resonance. This resonance causes amplified vibration, leading to early fatigue and failure. Primac works with clients to quickly and cost-effectively identify and correct resonance problems extending equipment life and significantly reducing the risk of in-service failure.

Acceptance Testing

When purchasing and installing new equipment acceptance testing is often desirable or required. Even if the machinery meets the broad criteria of a purchase order, identifying areas of concern can be effective for getting the suppliers support if a reliability problem is encountered down the road. Primac has assisted some clients by developing acceptance criteria and specifications for new and rebuilt machinery. We often work successfully as an independent expert assisting both the supplier and the end user in resolving machinery problems for new installations.


Primac offers the complete spectrum of training and mentoring programs, offered in our Primac offices or on the client’s site.

We realize that your company has unique objectives, staff and needs. Canned training programs often leave attendees with the impression that much of the information learned was either redundant, too complex, not complex enough or simply not specific enough to their particular company needs to really deliver value to the company and the employee in practical application.

At Primac we customize all of our training and mentoring, so that employees are able to leave the course, jump back in at work and immediately apply what has been learned – delivering return quickly on the training dollars spent.

Whether you have one staff member who needs to be brought up to speed quickly in a certain area, a whole team learning how to use new equipment, a vibration training course that works to build/improve your company’s machinery database while your staff learns, or simply need a senior reliability mentor who you can call for quick short mini-training sessions as specific machines problems arise – Primac offers it all. We adapt and accommodate for our clients and their training needs, and our clients feedback is that they wouldn’t trade the personalization or the immediate return on investment.

It doesn’t matter where you are or when you call—we’ll be there!